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Tampotechnik, Drucktampons

Seite 90

Printing pads order form fax: +49 2359 290442 Tampo-Technik GmbH Postfach 1443 D-58557 Kierspe Orderer/ invoice address Company________________________ Department______________________ Name___________________________ Street ___________________________ PO Box _________________________ Post code/town___________________ ___________________ Order number____________________ Date ___________________________ Delivery address (if different from above) Company________________________ Att. ___________________________ Street ___________________________ Post code/town_______________________ Quantity Printing pad number Color Hardness Thread Surface Color: Hardness: Thread: Surface: Example: Red quality (standard-highest printing quality, highest mechanic continuous stress, long-term constancy of shore hardness), white quality (better recognition of the printing format on the pad), black and blue quality (lower static charging potential), yellow quality (suitable for manual finishing of the printing pad, e.g. trimming) You can order an infinitely varialbe hardness from 25 shore 00 up to ca. 25 shore A (e.g. 1 shore A = soft, 6 shore A = middle, 12 shore A = hard) If desired we supply the printing support out of laminated wood with M6 thread-inserts, according to size of the pad support also several thread-inserts can be useful In addition to the often preferred normal surface structure we offer both super dry, dry (e.g. metal-printing) and humid, super humid surfaces (for thicker colour application – Warning : starting difficulties). Quantity Printing pad number Color Hardness Thread Surface 5 No. 13K red 6 Shore A 1 x M6 dry 8 No. 535 Alu M6 red 8 Shore A Date and signature: ________________________________________